Success Stories from Madagasar

Find out how HIP activities are supporting local partners to build capacity and improve hygiene behavior in Madagasar.

FileWASH Church Success Story

Success Story: Churches Expand Hygiene Uptake

WASH Friendly Church Success Story HIP 2010_.pdf  (144.6 kB)

FileScouts Spread WASH Messages

Success Story: Scouts Spread WASH Messages

Scouts Success Story HIP 2010.pdf  (119.0 kB)

FileBloc Sanitaire Success Story

Success Story: Innovative Hygiene Partnerships

Bloc Sanitaire Success Story 2010 HIP.pdf  (92.0 kB)

FileChateau D'Eau Success Story

Success Story: Ambatokely Remembers WASH Training

Chateau deau succes story HIP 2010.pdf  (108.6 kB)

FileExpanding SanPlat Coverage

Success Story: Expanding SanPlat Coverage

SanPlat Success Story HIP 2010.pdf  (121.2 kB)

FileChanging the Rural Landscape

Success Story: Changing the Rural Landscape

ODF Success Story HIP 2010.pdf  (139.8 kB)

FileLatrine Promotion Expands

Success Story: Latrine Promotion Expands

Madame Bernadette update HIP 2010.pdf  (88.6 kB)

FileThe WASH-Friendly School

Succes Story: The WASH-Friendly School in Isonora, Madagascar. September 2008

USAID-HIP Success Story WASH-Friendly School 9.08.pdf  (94.3 kB)

FileLatrine Promotion

Succes Story: Latrine Promotion for Better Familiy Health, Madagascar. September 2008

USAID-HP Success Story Improved Latrine 9.08.pdf  (83.5 kB)

FileWASH-Friendly Influence

Success Story: Community Health Clinic Spreads WASH-Friendly Influence, Madagascar. September 2008

USAID-HIP Success Story WASH-friendly Clinic 9.08.pdf  (94.7 kB)

FileHygiene and Tourism

Success Story: Improved Hygiene Leads to More Tourism, Madagascar. September 2008

USAID-HIP Success Story WASH and Tourism 9.08.pdf  (87.4 kB)

FileClub Vinsty and Latrine Promotion

Success Story: Environmental Health Club Promotes Improved Latrines, Madagascar. September 2008

USAID-HIP Success Story Club Vintsy 9.08.pdf  (86.5 kB)