Updated: Wednesday 07 May 2008

WAWI at a glance

The West Africa Water Initiative (WAWI) was launched in late 2001 to help improve the lives of poor and vulnerable rural and urban populations in the developing world. The present 2005 WAWI partnership works in rural and peri-urban communities in Ghana, Mali, and Niger.The 14 member partnership includes: Conrad N. Hilton Foundation; World Vision International; United States Agency for International Development; United Nations International Children’s Fund; WaterAid; World Chlorine Council; Winrock International; Lions Club International; Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development; Desert Research Institute; International Trachoma Initiative; United Nations Foundation; Helen Keller Worldwide; and the Carter Center Global 2000.

HIP is supporting a behavior change specialist in each of the three WAWI countries to assist the network to strengthen its behavior change activities around water, sanitation and hygiene and develop a common behavior change strategy. In addition, HIP has provided support to the WAWI partnership to examine various monitoring and evaluation approaches, with a focus on indicators to collect data and measure results for hygiene and sanitation efforts.