Tools and Resources for Madagascar

Illustrated water, sanitation, and hygiene tools prepared for household and community education in Madagascar. Topics cover safe water treatment and storage, hand washing, and latrine use. Most of which are written in French and Malagasy.

FileAffiche Eau (Drinking Water Poster)

Affiche Eau.pdf  (1.6 MB)

FileAffiche Latrine (Latrine Poster)

Affiche Latrine.pdf  (1.5 MB)

FileAffiche LMS (Hand Washing Poster)

Affiche LMS.pdf  (197.8 kB)

FileCarte Conseil SODIS (SODIS Counceling Card)

Carte Conseil SODIS.pdf  (2.5 MB)

FileCarte d'invitation Eau (Water Card)

Carte d'invitation Eau.pdf  (1.3 MB)

FileCarte d'invitation Latrine (Latrine Card)

Carte d'invitation Latrine.pdf  (1.3 MB)

FileCarte d'invitation LMS (Hand Washing Card)

Carte d'invitation LMS.pdf  (144.3 kB)

FileNegotiation Tool - Hand Washing

Negotiation_Tool_-_HWS_(French).pdf  (464.1 kB)

FileNegotiation Tool - Latrines

Negotiation_Tool_-_Latrines_(French).pdf  (481.4 kB)

FileNegotiation Tool - Water

Negotiation_Tool_-_Water_(French).pdf  (413.8 kB)

FileSanitation Marketing Poster

Poster used in a campaign to promote the purchase and use of products to improve family hygiene in Madagascar.

Sanitation Marketing Poster - Madagascar.JPG  (526.4 kB)