Updated: Saturday 04 June 2011

Documenting the CSP

Capacity Strengthening Partnership for Hygiene Improvement Scale Model

The Capacity Strengthening Partnership for Hygiene Improvement (CSP) was initiated by the Hygiene Improvement Project (HIP) in compliance with its mandate to strengthen capacity for hygiene improvement among PVO/NGO partners.

This partnership has been developed using the following core principles:

- Participatory

- Process-oriented

- Sharing management/decisions

- Informed decision making

- Acknowledging and valuing

Because this type of partnership is new to this set of partners, the group has expressed interest in documenting the process to understand its successes and to highlight pitfalls and challenges that affected the partnership and the overall goal to strengthen organizational capacity in hygiene improvement.

To this end, HIP has formulated some ideas for undertaking this documentation process. In keeping with the spirit and functioning of the CSP, HIP has outlined a framework for capturing the activities and their results.

To date, the groupings of activities HIP has identified are the following…

(Spring 2004 CORE meeting/Individual organizational meetings/MiniU)

Concept paper to USAID

July 21 (initial meeting)

Dec 9(1/2 day: planning meeting)

Jan 18 (Exploratory trip planning)

Systems Thinking (survey/1/2 day session)

Knowledge Management (future)

Policy Development (future)

Although HIP initiated the CSP and has convened the meetings to date, implementing activities in the CSP action plan has been shared among the organizational partners. In keeping with this working style, documenting the evolution of this partnership should also be shared.