Updated: Wednesday 10 May 2006

2: How do programs promote HWTS and ensure that the government continues to supply improved drinking water sources?

While donors, governments and implementers work towards the millennium development goal of providing access to improved water supply by 2015*, many households currently depend upon water supplies of inadequate quality and limited access. Even households with adequate access to safe drinking water engage in practices that bring about ‘secondary contamination’ of water.

1. Does promoting household water treatment and safe storage allow the government to shift its responsibility to individuals to finance their own safe water?

2. How can implementers promote water treatment and safe storage without reflecting negatively on existing water sources, which may or may not be safe to drink?

3. Can organizations working to improve access to water also promote HWTS without sending a confusing and conflicting message to their communities?

This e-dialogue will address these key questions, and work to identify successful program strategies for advancing on both government provision of safe water and household treatment and safe storage.

* The Millennium Development Goals define access as 30 minutes or less to go, collect water and return to home.