Hygiene Improvement Project

The Hygiene Improvement Project (HIP) has ended. This website will remain available in order to share the many products and resources developed by HIP, but will no longer be updated. HIP was a 6-year USAID-funded program (2004-2010) that sought to reduce diarrheal diseases and improve child survival through the promotion of three key hygiene practices: handwashing with soap, safe feces disposal, and safe storage and treatment of household drinking water.

FileHIP End of Project Report

Highlights from the USAID Hygiene Improvement Project (2004�?010) activities. Feb. 2011

Hygiene Improvement Project - End of Project Report.pdf  (2.1 MB)

FileJuly-September 2010 HIP-LIGHTS

This is the final issue of HIp-Lights. HIP's implementation phase has ended and this combined issue highlights final project activities during July through September, including our end of project event held August 3, 2010. HIP's partner, the IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, will continue to host HIP's website for the foreseeable future and you can continue to access HIP information, products and resources at this location.

July-Sept. 2010 HIp-Lights.pdf  (169.6 kB)

FolderPublications and Resources

HIP developed publications and resources for hygiene improvement for use in country-specific programs as well as for global application.

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ArticleEnd of Project Event: What's on tap for future programming in water, sanitation and hygiene?

HIP held its End of Project event on August 3, 2010. All presentations are available as PDF files by clicking on the "read more" link.

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ArticleHIP Webinar Series

HIP held a series of five webinars during its final year (2010) to highlight project experience and resources. Webinar topics included: Using the WASH Training Package for the Prevention of Diarrheal Disease; Access and Behavioral Outcome Indicators for WASH; Meeting the WASH Needs of People Living with HIV/AIDS; Experiences and Lessons Learned in Sanitation Marketing; and WASH in Schools.

Recordings of all five webinars are available at: http://www.hip.fhi360.org/page/4105.

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Learn about hygiene behavior change and capacity development. Exchange knowledge. Strengthen your capacity to create hygiene programs.

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FolderAbout HIP

HIP focused on promoting sustainable, at-scale improvements of three key hygiene practices in at least 2 countries and through selected, strategic activities. While the HIP project has ended, many of the activities started by HIP will continue under the USAID-funded WASHplus project.

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Working at scale, HIP seeks to improve key hygiene practices by engaging multiple stakeholders, at different levels, using multiple interventions and focusing on all components of the hygiene improvement framework.

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