E-Conference Documents

Background and conference documents for the E-conference on Measuring Behavioral Outcomes for Household Water Treatment and Storage Systems, 22-26 January 2007.

FilePOU Indicator for Annual Reporting on USAID-funded Activities

Household Survey Using LQAS Methodology, November 20, 2006

POU Indicators for Annual Reporting - LQAS Nov 06.doc  (90.5 kB)

FileHWTS Implementation Indicators

A table of HWTS implementation indicators and comments on these indicators, prepared by Susan Murcott, MIT.

HWTS Implementation Indicators - Murcott 1-20-07.pdf  (44.2 kB)

FileDiscussion Paper: Measuring Behavioral Outcomes When Promoting Household Water Treatment and Storage

The document was written to serve as the basis for a discussion on which indicators can best measure the impact of efforts to promote household water treatment and storage practices. It has a background section, presenting a conceptual framework that can be used to guide the presentation of indicators and then proposes indicators that can be used. The document concludes with a series of questions that the e-conference will attempt to address.

HIP_MBO_HWTS_1-2007.pdf  (173.8 kB)