Capacity Building Partnerships

HIP is developing partnerships with private voluntary, non-governmental and private sector commercial organizations to build the capacity of program implementers in hygiene behavior change, to exchange knowledge and to strengthen hygiene programs.

ArticleDocumenting the CSP

As this type of partnership is new to this set of partners, the group has expressed interest in documenting the process to understand its successes and to highlight pitfalls and challenges that affected the partnership and the overall goal to strengthen organizational capacity in hygiene improvement. This document outlines ideas for a documentation process.

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ArticleCSP At a Glance

The hygiene improvement capacity strengthening partnership has been formed to strengthen, share and improve the capacities of participating organizations in carrying out hygiene improvement at scale. This article outlines the What, Who, Why, How aspects of the partnership.

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Folder Partners

Descriptions of the capacity strengthening partnership partners and their presentations on water, sanitation, and hygiene shared in July 2005.

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