Madagascar Monitoring and Evaluation

Reports on efforts to measure the progress of HIP's work in Madagascar to support improvements in hygiene practices.

FileMadagascar Household Outcome Monitoring Survey Comparisons 2007-2010

This document presents the findings of research conducted annually from 2007 to 2010 through a household survey in 63 communes in four regions of Madagascar where the USAID Hygiene Improvement Project worked.

HIP Madagascar Household Survey Comparisons 2007-2010.pdf  (1.6 MB)

FileAssessment of Hygiene Promotion in Madagascar 2007-2008 Comparisons for Households, Schools, and Health Facilities

This report presents comparative findings of the USAID Hygiene Improvement Project’s annual behavioral outcome monitoring of hygiene practices measured in 2007 and again in 2008 in the four regions where HIP worked. The practices measured included hand washing, drinking water and storage, and hygienic disposal of human feces. June 2009

Assessment of Hygiene Promotion in Madagascar 2007-2008.pdf  (650.6 kB)

FileEvaluation de la promotion de l'hygiène à Madagascar Comparaisons 2007-2008 pour les Ménages, les Ecoles et les Centres de Santé

French version of 2007-2008 Comparisons

Evaluation de la promotion de l'hygiène à Madagascar Comparaisons 2007-2008.pdf  (1.2 MB)