Uganda HIV and WASH Integration Resources

HIP implemented activities to address poor WASH practices in homes of HIV positive individuals, including addressing the urgent need for improved WASH practices in home-based care (HBC). Although HBC providers receive training in many aspects of care and support at the household level, including training in the principles of basic WASH, little emphasis and/or detailed information has been given about how HBC providers can help household members to overcome, or change, the many daily obstacles to improved WASH behaviors in the home.

In Uganda, HIP, in partnership with Plan Uganda, the Government of Uganda, and the Uganda Water and Sanitation Network (UWASNET), developed training and outreach worker materials based on the principle that WASH practices in the household can be improved -- new practices can be adopted and current practices can be modified or changed in small ways that are acceptable/feasible to households
The materials include a:
• Training Manual
• Participant’s Guide
• Counseling Cards (pictorially based)
• Assessment Tool (pictorially based)

FolderWASH and HIV Research Reports

Research conducted by HIP and its partner Plan International-Uganda to develop a program to support the promotion of small doable actions to improve hygiene practices in the care of people living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

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FolderTraining Manual

For HIV/AIDS home-based care providers (text based)

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FileTraining Handouts

training handouts FINAL.pdf  (419.0 kB)

FolderParticipants Guide

For the home-based care staff supporting people with HIV/AIDS in their homes (mostly text based)

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FolderCounseling Cards

Pictorially based tools prepared for home-based care workers to use with clients in the household, including a WASH Assessment Tool (to assess the current WASH behaviors to help identify those that need to be improved) and 23 Counseling Cards (covering hand washing; water treatment, storage and handling; feces management for mobile and bed-bound clients; and menstrual blood management).

These tools are available in English, Acoli, Ateso, Kiswahili, Lugandan, and Runyankole-Rukiga.

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FileAssessment Tool

A pictorially based WASH Assessment Tool to help the home-based care worker assess a household’s current practices in hand washing; treatment of drinking water; feces disposal; and cleaning of rags used for menstrual blood (that will be reused). The practices toward the left hand side of the Assessment Tool represent higher risk practices that put the client’s health at risk. The practices on the right hand side of the tool represent practices that provide better protection against illnesses, such as diarrhea.

CC Assessment Tool FINAL.pdf  (295.0 kB)