Updated: Thursday 29 December 2005

The Manoff Group

The Manoff Group, a woman-owned small business, pioneered Behavior-Centered Programmingsm and for the past 25 years has provided technical assistance in environmental health, including research, communication strategy, training, implementation and evaluation. Hygiene work includes:

§ Wrote Behavior First, on the efficacy of behavioral interventions, and a manual: Improving Health through Behavior Change.

§ Conducted formative research Montego Bay, Jamaica project.

§ Helped reduce lead exposure in urban Lima and Zlatna and implement environmental pollution education in Slovakia.

§ Provided behavior change technical assistance to a W&S program in DR Congo.

§ Evaluated the hygiene promotion capacity of WAWI partners in West Africa.

§ Supported behavioral work on hand-washing and diarrhea prevention in the West Bank.

§ With PAHO, Plan International and PVOs, provided TA to hygiene promotion pilot projects in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Peru.

§ Developed a comprehensive behavior-centered communications component for Save the Children/Malawi’s School Health and Nutrition Program.


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