Uganda Sanitation Marketing Resources

Materials developed by the USAID Hygiene Improvement Project and partner Plan International to promote the development of sanitation marketing activities in selected areas in Uganda.

FileSanitation Marketing for Managers: Guidance and Tools for Program Development, July 2010

This manual provides guidance and tools for designing a sanitation marketing program. It guides professionals in the fields of sanitation and marketing to complete two important and necessary steps: (1) to comprehensively assess the current market for sanitation products and services and (2) to use the results of this assessment to design a multi-pronged strategy to:
• Build the capacity of appropriate market actors to provide necessary sanitation market functions;
• Create and strengthen the incentives for these actors to participate in the market and to collaborate with one another;
• Permit actors to proactively take on functions from which they will benefit, e.g., financially, politically
• Develop appropriate products and services that respond to consumer preferences; and
• Create appropriate marketing messages and plans for promotion and communication to market the products and services to consumers.

Sanitation Marketing for Managers - Guidance and Tools - July 2010.pdf  (1.8 MB)

FileSanitation Marketing Programme: Masons Training Manual. March 2010

SanMark Masons Training Manual.pdf  (2.7 MB)

FileSanitation Marketing Programme: Catalogue of Affordable Latrine Options. March 2010

Catalogue of Affordable Sanitation Options.pdf  (697.4 kB)

FileA Sanitation Marketing Strategy for Tororo District, March 2010

The Sanitation Marketing Strategy for Tororo District is the result of discussions and negotiations with a broad group of stakeholders, primarily from Tororo District, but also from the national level, who have contributed their views, experiences, and resources to the process of developing the strategic directions outlined in this document.

Sanitation Marketing Strategy for Tororo District Uganda - March 2010.pdf  (346.0 kB)

FileIn-depth Supply Assessment Report for Sanitation Marketing Pilot - Tororo District, Uganda. May 2009

SanMark In Depth Supply Assessment Report.pdf  (451.5 kB)

FileIn-depth Consumer Assessment Report for Sanitation Marketing Pilot - Tororo District, Uganda. May 2009

SanMark In Depth Consumer Assessment Report.pdf  (850.2 kB)

FileOpportunities for Sanitation Marketing in Uganda

This report highlights key findings and recommendations from a visit by a team of sanitation experts in 2007 to help determine if sanitation marketing (SM) would be a viable approach in Uganda, and to make specific recommendations to HIP and the donor community that would move the sanitation marketing agenda forward. The overarching conclusion is that sanitation marketing is both a viable and needed approach to increase sanitation uptake among rural households in Uganda.

Opportunities for Sanitation Marketing in Uganda - HIP-2007.pdf  (1.2 MB)