Uganda Publications and Resources

Publications and other products from HIP's program in Uganda.

FolderSanitation Marketing Resources

Materials developed by the USAID Hygiene Improvement Project and partner Plan International to promote the development of sanitation marketing activities in selected areas in Uganda.

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FolderUganda HIV and WASH Integration

HIP implemented activities to address poor WASH practices in homes of HIV positive individuals, including addressing the urgent need for improved WASH practices in home-based care (HBC). Although HBC providers receive training in many aspects of care and support at the household level, including training in the principles of basic WASH, little emphasis and/or detailed information has been given about how HBC providers can help household members to overcome, or change, the many daily obstacles to improved WASH behaviors in the home.

In Uganda, HIP, in partnership with Plan Uganda, the Government of Uganda, and the Uganda Water and Sanitation Network (UWASNET), developed training and outreach worker materials based on the principle that WASH practices in the household can be improved -- new practices can be adopted and current practices can be modified or changed in small ways that are acceptable/feasible to households
The materials include a:
• Training Manual
• Participant’s Guide
• Counseling Cards (pictorially based)
• Assessment Tool (pictorially based)

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FolderUganda Presentations

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